Disposable Hospital Curtain

The curtain can be changed from the corridor space rather than the bed head, which is of benefit staff and patients alike. Each curtain comes in a protective hooks and hygienic bag.

Disposable Hospital Curtain range is available as untreated polypropylene curtains and curtains treated with antibacterial solution. Unlike traditional textile curtains, AL-FARAJ Antimicrobial Disposable Curtain fabric is not suitable for bacterial survive and reproduction. The antibacterial activity neutralizes harmful bacteria once it comes into contact with the surface of the fabric. This directly helps to reduce pathogenic transfer from the surface of the curtain to the patient or staff member. Requiring no laundering or costly initial capital expenditure, FARAJMEDICAL Antimicrobial Disposable Curtains should become an integral part of every hospital’s overall infection control protocol. Available in a wide choice of colours and sizes, FARAJ MEDICAL Antimicrobial and Untreated curtains are a proven cost effective Infection Prevention solution for healthcare facilities



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